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  1. Using GUI to script PowerShell with PowerGUI
  2. Script to Create Lab Users – Powershell version
  3. Validate SPN mappings using Windows PowerShell
  4. Active Directory group membership modifications report
  5. Active Directory Password Expiration Notification
  6. Generate random passwords for Active Directory users v2
  7. Generate random passwords for Active Directory users
  8. Changes the local Administrator password - Script
  9. Script to Reset Local Administrator Passwords
  10. Server Inventory Script
  11. Scripts for WSUS Import/Export
  12. Assign the Default User Name Shown at the Logon Screen
  13. Configure a Computer to Logon Automatically
  14. Display Message at Startup
  15. Write Print Server Information to an Excel Spreadsheet
  16. Remove Active Directory Domain Controller Metadata
  17. List Installed Updates
  18. List Installed Service Packs and Hot Fixes
  19. Map Network Drives and Log the Results
  20. Map Printers and Drives Based on Computer OU
  21. Point Client Computers to a New Print Server
  22. Backup SharePoint Sites
  23. Toggle Internet Explorer ***** Server Settings
  24. Delete Files 10 Days Old or Older
  25. Automate login to website
  26. Move Domain Users from Local Administrators Group to Local Power Users Group
  27. پاک کردن فولدرهای خالی در درایو c
  28. Determine the OS Version
  29. Enable Dead Gateway Detection for All Network Adapters
  30. Create a Route Through DNS Record
  31. Add a Route to a VPN Connection
  32. List Computer System BIOS Properties
  33. Collect Hostname, IP and MAC to populate DHCP Scope
  34. Remotely execute cmd.exe commands on multiple computers
  35. VBScript to Export Users & Groups SIDs to an Excel Spreadsheet
  36. How can I run a PowerShell cmdlet against a remote computer
  37. SQL Script: Delete all CS and MV data
  38. How Can I Add a Domain User to a Local Administrators Group
  39. How Can I Add a Domain Group to the Local Administrators Group
  40. How to find enabled accounts on domain joined computers
  41. Change Service Account Password for Sql Server / SQL Agent Accounts
  42. Backing up and Restoring Domain-Based DFS Namespaces
  43. Announcing the launch of Remote Desktop Services Script Center to ease management
  44. How to reboot or shutdown Windows Server automatically
  45. VBScript to create a My Documents Variable
  46. Auto Logout after 1 hour of usage
  47. Active Directory - Removing SID History
  48. Frequently Asked Questions About Logon Scripts
  49. How Can Open a Window to a UNC Location through Script
  50. Use PowerShell to Execute Commands on Remote Machines
  51. Signing scripts in Powershell with an enterprise PKI
  52. CscSyncAll.vbs – Sync the entire Offline Files cache
  53. How do you control computer usage habits for children
  54. Directory backup with BITS cmdlets
  55. Configuring BITS Upload Server with PowerShell and ADSI
  56. Running a bits transfer as a scheduled task
  57. BITS Logging
  58. Quick and Dirty Software Inventory with PsInfo and PowerShell
  59. How to change drive letters via VBScript
  60. How to change ownership and give full permissions to a user on a folder via VBScript
  61. Run scripts with the Runas command
  62. Ping a Subnet
  63. How to Rename Computers using PowerShell and a CSV file
  64. Write Domain Info to Excel Script - Powershell
  65. Check Time Server Settings Script - Powershell
  66. VBS Script To Send All Active Directory Sever Names To Excel
  67. VBS Script To Retrieve Logon Information
  68. VBS Script To Send Microsoft Windows Updates To Excel
  69. VBS Script To Verify If A List Of Hot fixes Is Installed On A Specified Computer
  70. VBS Script Get Add And Remove Programs For A Specified Machine
  71. VBS Script To Delete Files Older Than Eight Hours
  72. VBS Script To Send All Disabled And Locked Out Accounts To Excel
  73. VBS Script To Send A Specified Groups Member List To Excel
  74. VBS Script To Read Machine Names From A Spreadsheet And Write Their IP Address
  75. HTA Script To List Printer Shares On A Print Server
  76. Changing Computer Name and Workgroup with PowerShell
  77. How to Run Applications Manifested as HighestAvailable With a Logon Script
  78. Identifying the current logged in user of a remote host
  79. Modifying the workstations that a user can logon to