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موضوع: Quick Look at Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3

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    پیش فرض Quick Look at Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3

    Well as many of you now know Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 was released a few days ago. I have been busy installing it and getting a look at all its new features.

    In this beta you’ll be able to take a look the following features:

    ·Server Core or the “headless” Windows Server

    ·Terminal Server enhancements (including new RemoteApps)

    ·Read only domain controllers with BitLocker Encryption

    ·Configuration Manager

    This is far from a complete list. Here are some of the juicy details around these components

    Server Core:

    Server Core allow for the deployment of servers without a fully interactive Windows environment. This will be useful for a couple of scenarios. One is when you just need a specific service to run on a server. If all your server does is act as a DNS server why have all the other layers of Windows installed? With Server core you can lay down the basic Kernel elements, and then install only the DNS server. When it comes time to update the server with patches, there is a lot less that needs to be patched so it can be done faster, and if the patch is for an element that isn’t being used by the core server it doesn’t need to get patched at all. The second scenario is when you want to user the server as a virtual server. Using Server core with the next generation of Windows Server Virtualization will maximize the performance you're getting from your servers because your guest server OS is taking up a lot less resources.

    Terminal Server RemoteApps:

    Terminal server is seeing many improvements and enhancements. One I wanted to talk about today was the new RemoteApps. Many of you have seen this sort of application access with Citrix Metaframe, Now Terminal Server will be able to run an application from a Terminal Server, and it will feel and look like it’s running right on the user’s desktop. This is great feature in environments where users want a consolidated perspective of their desktops.

    Read only domain Controllers with BitLocker:

    This will allow administrators to push out domain controllers into less the ideally secure branch offices and other remote locations. A read only domain controller is just that; it is a copy of the Active Directory that does not accept local updates. Changes are replicated down from a hub/central site. With the addition of BitLocker you will be able to not only secure the DC from being written too, but if your Domain controller decides to walk off one day, anyone trying to access the information on the domain controller’s hard disk will be met with an unreadable partition.

    Configuration Manager:

    This will become your new best friend in Longhorn Server. When you need to deploy a new DHCP/DNS/IIS/ ETC server you will load up Configuration Manager and in no time flat you will be able to deploy the service you wanted. Configuration Manager will even open up the proper ports in the local firewall. The new lingo for common service is a Role. Installing a new Role will be as simple as choosing it from the menu. There will also be a very complete command line tool that will allow you to perform any feature you can do in the GUI. This will enable advanced scripting ability.

    To download a beta 3 edition of Windows Longhorn Server click the link below. Once your all set up post in out forums to let other lazy admins know how it went.

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