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موضوع: چندتا سوال تخصصی در مورد دیتابیس

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    کاربر عادی dezchilds آواتار ها
    تاریخ عضویت
    May 2009
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    تشکرها / پسندها

    پیش فرض چندتا سوال تخصصی در مورد دیتابیس

    سلام چندتا سوال تخصصی دارم
    اول اینکه آیا در سی پنل وقتی من هاستی میخرم فضای دیتابیس هم جزو هاست من حساب میشه ؟
    دوم اینکه آیا چیزی به اسم حافظه موقت (Cache ) در دیتابیس هم وجود داره ؟ این اطلاعات موقت کجا ذخیره میشن ؟ جزو هاست حساب میشن ؟
    سوم اینکه اگه من بخوام ببینم چه دستوراتی از اس کیو ال من حجمشون خیلی بالا هست و به دیتابیس فشار میاره باید چیکار کنم ؟
    و چهارم نوشته های زیر رو از تو قسمت Status در php my admin کپی کردم معنی شون چی هست ؟ چرا قرمز هستند ؟

    Slow_queriesDocumentation 12 The number of queries that have taken more than long_query_time seconds.Documentation

    Innodb_buffer_pool_readsDocumentation 1.9 M The number of logical reads that InnoDB could not satisfy from buffer pool and had to do a single-page read.

    Innodb_log_waitsDocumentation 15 The number of waits we had because log buffer was too small and we had to wait for it to be flushed before continuing.

    Innodb_row_lock_time_maxDocumentation 118 The maximum time to acquire a row lock, in milliseconds.
    Innodb_row_lock_waitsDocumentation 210 The number of times a row lock had to be waited for.

    Handler_read_rndDocumentation 76.6 M The number of requests to read a row based on a fixed position. This is high if you are doing a lot of queries that require sorting of the result. You probably have a lot of queries that require MySQL to scan whole tables or you have joins that don't use keys properly.
    Handler_read_rnd_nextDocumentation 9.5 G The number of requests to read the next row in the data file. This is high if you are doing a lot of table scans. Generally this suggests that your tables are not properly indexed or that your queries are not written to take advantage of the indexes you have.

    Qcache_lowmem_prunesDocumentation 26.7 M The number of queries that have been removed from the cache to free up memory for caching new queries. This information can help you tune the query cache size. The query cache uses a least recently used (LRU) strategy to decide which queries to remove from the cache.

    Created_tmp_disk_tablesDocumentation 917.6 k The number of temporary tables on disk created automatically by the server while executing statements. If Created_tmp_disk_tables is big, you may want to increase the tmp_table_size value to cause temporary tables to be memory-based instead of disk-based.

    Key_readsDocumentation 21.8 M The number of physical reads of a key block from disk. If Key_reads is big, then your key_buffer_size value is probably too small. The cache miss rate can be calculated as Key_reads/Key_read_requests.

    Select_full_joinDocumentation 32.1 k The number of joins that do not use indexes. If this value is not
    0, you should carefully check the indexes of your tables.

    Select_range_checkDocumentation 7.8 k The number of joins without keys that check for key usage after each row. (If this is not 0, you should carefully check the indexes of your tables.)

    Sort_merge_passesDocumentation 25.1 k The number of merge passes the sort algorithm has had to do. If this value is large, you should consider increasing the value of the sort_buffer_size system variable.

    Opened_tablesDocumentation 5.5 M The number of tables that have been opened. If opened tables is big, your table cache value is probably too small.

    Table_locks_waitedDocumentation 16.8 k The number of times that a table lock could not be acquired immediately and a wait was needed. If this is high, and you have performance problems, you should first optimize your queries, and then either split your table or tables or use replication.

    وب سایت من دچار مشکل شده و کاربران وقتی به سایتم مراجعه میکنن فایروال سرور آی پی شون رو بلاک میکنه از هاست پرسیدم گفتند دلیلش لینک زیاد به دیتابیس هست و سایتتون رو بهینه سازی کنید .
    چیکار کنم ؟

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