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موضوع: 3ds Max Master Class Series - Texture Mapping, CD1 & CD2

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    پیش فرض 3ds Max Master Class Series - Texture Mapping, CD1 & CD2

    3ds Max Master Class Series - Texture Mapping
    CD1 & CD2

    Control unfolding of UV seams with pelt mapping. Create a flat, unified map for texturing your objects by stretching out UVW coordinates. Relax UVs and remove distortion by accurately matching UVs to object geometry. Save tremendous amounts of time and hours of work since seams are exactly where they should be and rarely-if ever-need adjusting afterwards.

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    Released by: ViHeX
    Upped by: YeYo
    Size: 950 Mb.

    Full Credits and thanks to the ORIGINAL UPLOADERS



    RAR Password: YeYo4NigMae
    [فقط اعضا می توانند لینک ها را مشاهده کنند برای ثبت نام اینجا را کلیک کنید]

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