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موضوع: Microsoft Windows Commands

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    پیش فرض Microsoft Windows Commands

    Access.Cpl ==> Accessibility Options
    Appwiz.Cpl ==> Add or Remove Programs
    Btcpl.cpl ==> Bluetooth Configuration
    Certmgr.Msc ==> Certificates
    Chkdsk ==> Check Disk Utility (Command Prompt)
    Ciadv.Msc ==> Indexing Service
    Cleanmgr ==> Disk Cleanup Utility
    Cliconfg ==> SQL Server Client Network Utility
    Clipbrd ==> Clipboard Viewer
    Cmd ==> Command Prompt
    Command ==> Command Prompt
    Compmgmt.Msc ==> Computer Management
    Control ==> Open Control Panel
    Control Admintools ==> Administrative Tools
    Control Color ==> Display Properties
    Control Desktop ==> Display Properties
    Control Folders ==> Folders Options
    Control Fonts ==> Fonts
    Control Keyboard ==> Keyboard Properties
    Control Mouse ==> Mouse Properties
    Control Netconnections ==> Network Connections
    Control Printers ==> Printers and Faxes
    Control Schedtasks ==> Scheduled Tasks
    Dcomcnfg ==> Component Services
    Ddeshare ==> DDE Share
    Desk.Cpl ==> Display Properties
    Devmgmt.Msc ==> Device Manager
    Dfrg.Msc ==> Disk Defragmenter
    Diskmgmt.Msc ==> Disk Management
    Diskpart ==> Disk Partition Manager (Command Prompt
    Drwtsn32 ==> Dr. Watson Error Debugger
    Dxdiag ==> Directx Diagnostic Tools
    Eudcedit ==> Private Character Editor
    Eventvwr.Msc ==> Event Viewer
    Findfast.Cpl ==> Findfast
    Firewall.Cpl ==> Windows Firewall
    Fonts ==> Fonts Folder
    Fsmgmt.Msc ==> Shared Folders
    Fsquirt ==> Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard
    Ftp ==> FTP Prompt (Command Prompt
    Gpedit.Msc ==> Group Policy
    Hdwwiz.Cpl ==> Add Hardware Wizard
    Iexpress ==> Iexpress Wizard
    Inetcpl.Cpl ==> Internet Properties
    Intl.Cpl ==> Regional and Language Options
    Ipconfig ==> Ip Configuration
    Javaws ==> Java Application Cache Viewer
    Joy.Cpl ==> Game Controllers
    Jpicpl32.Cpl ==> Java Control Panel
    Logoff ==> Logoff Current User
    Lusrmgr.Msc ==> Local Users and Groups
    Main.Cpl ==> Mouse Properties
    Mmsys.Cpl ==> Sounds And Audio Devices Properties
    Msconfig ==> System Configuration Utility
    Mstsc ==> Remote Desktop
    Narrator ==> Microsoft Narrator
    Ncpa.Cpl ==> Network Connections
    Netsetup.Cpl ==> Network Setup Wizard
    Ntmsmgr.Msc ==> Removable Storage
    Ntmsoprq.Msc ==> Removable Storage Operator Requests
    Nusrmgr.Cpl ==> User Account
    Odbccp32.Cpl ==> ODBC Data Source Administrator
    Osk ==> On-Screen Keyboard
    Packager ==> Object Packager
    Perfmon ==> Performance Monitor
    Perfmon.Msc ==> Performance Monitor
    Ping ==> Verifies Connections to Remote Hosts
    Powercfg.Cpl ==> Power Options Properties
    Regedit ==> Registry Editor
    Rsop.Msc ==> Resultant Set Of Policy
    Secpol.Msc ==> Local Security Settings
    Services.Msc ==> Services
    Sfc ==> System File Checker Utility
    Shutdown ==> Shuts Down Windows (Switch Required
    Sigverif ==> File Signature Verification
    Sysdm.Cpl ==> System Properties
    Sysedit ==> System Configuration Editor
    Syskey ==> Securing the Windows XP Account Database
    Taskmgr ==> Windows Task Manager
    Telephon.Cpl ==> Phone and Modem Options
    Telnet ==> Telnet Prompt (Command Prompt
    Timedate.Cpl ==> Date and Time Properties
    Tourstart ==> Windows XP Tour
    Utilman ==> Utility Manager
    Verifier ==> Driver Verifier Manager
    Winchat ==> Chat
    Wmimgmt.Msc ==> Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI
    Wscui.Cpl ==> Windows Security Center
    Wuaucpl.Cpl ==> Automatic Updates
    Wupdmgr ==> Windows Update Launches (Internet Required

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