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موضوع: Howto Secure Apache

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    پیش فرض Howto Secure Apache

    1. Use the latest and most current version. Right now the latest is the Apache 2.2 series
    2. Make sure you’ve installed all the latest security patches
    3. Hide the Apache Version number, and other sensitive information
    4. Make sure apache is running under its own user account and group
    5. Ensure that files outside the web root are not served
    6. Turn off directory browsing (mod_autoindex)
    7. Turn off server side includes (SSI)
    8. Turn off CGI execution
    9. Don’t allow apache to use symbolic links
    10. Turning off multiple Options
    11. Turn off support for .htaccess files
    12. Use the Apache mod_security
    13. Disable all unnecessary modules
    14. Make sure only root has read access to apache’s config and binaries
    15. Lower the Timeout value
    16. Limiting large requests
    17. Limiting Concurrency
    18. Restricting Access by IP
    19. Adjusting KeepAlive settings
    20. Run Apache in a Chroot environment

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