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موضوع: Changing OEM logo at system properties

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    پیش فرض Changing OEM logo at system properties


    System Properties is the property sheet that opens when My Computer is right clicked and Properties is chosen.

    There are two files that need to be in c:\windows\system32, OemInfo.ini and OemLogo.bmp.

    OemLogo.Bmp works best as a 16 colour (but can be higher) bitmap with a maximun size of approximately 100 high x 160 wide pixels. Use MS Paint to create.

    The logo in the picture was made with Wordart in Microsoft Word. Then pasted into MS Paint and saved as a 256 color bitmap. 256 colours was used because it stopped the shadow from dithering.

    Copy the below lines into a file called OemInfo.ini in the c:\windows\system32 directory. There is no need to reboot to see changes.

    ;   Sample OEMINFO.INI
    ;   3/23/95
    ;   This file contains manufacturer, model and support information
    ;   that is displayed in the system control panel.
    ;   Manufacturer and Model are displayed on System.General page
    ;   Manufacturer is a required field
    ;Be careful not to leave any trailing spaces after your manufacturer name!
    Manufacturer=Your Name
    Model=Your Model No.
    ;   The [OEMSpecific] keys are not displayed,
    ;   but may be used by the OEM for system-specific information.
    SubModel=0000000                              ;optional additional oem info
    SerialNo=0000000                              ;etc.
    ;OEM1=Your private info                         ;etc.
    ;OEM2=More private info                         ;etc.
    ;   Support Info displayed when "Support Information..." button selected
    [Support Information]
    Line1=For Technical Support:
    Line2=   Call whoever
    Line10= There is no line 9 so line 10 does not get displayed
    Farzin Bahmannejadyan

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    پیش فرض

    در سایت
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    سعید ؟؟؟؟؟؟
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    پیش فرض

    ترفند اول برای ویندوز XP کار میکنه که توسط دوست گرامی Supervisor مطرح شد وحالا همین ترفند برای ویندوز Vista...

    باید پس از ورود به رجیستری به آدرس زیر رفته و سپس مقادیر گفته شده را ادیت کرده و یا اگر وجود نداشتند اضافه کنیم....

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\OEMInformation

    "SupportHours"="24 hours"
    "Logo"="C:\\Windows\\system32\\ p"

    The values are all string type. The manufacturer's logo should be a 160x160 bitmap file.

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    ویرایش توسط mss : 2008/01/11 در ساعت 04:51 AM

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